What to give the bride

What gift to give the bride if you are the maid of honor or a close friend?

confezione regalo per accessori - Elisabetta Sebastio

Seeking inspiration online on this topic often yields only banal suggestions:

  • Wedding rings. A bit cliché, isn’t it? Moreover, observing trends, more and more couples wish to choose and buy them independently.
  • A suite for spending the first wedding night. Typically, after their Big Day, the newlyweds are overwhelmed by fatigue and a whirlwind of emotions, and by evening, they collapse into bed… don’t let them, really. They wouldn’t even remember being there.
  • A wellness retreat to a spa. This could be a nice idea. However, check their honeymoon itinerary; usually, these kinds of things are already included.
  • Household items. For pots and vacuum cleaners, there’s the wedding registry…

Often the reason for not knowing what to gift the bride is that, thanks to the wedding registry, she’ll have a lot of gifts, all of which are wanted and desired by her.

After all, she wrote the wedding registry herself.

So, any additional gift runs the risk of being “unnecessary” and “useless”.

…But there’s one thing the bride never thinks about.

I have worked in the wedding industry for years, and I can assure you that there’s something the bride frequently realizes she doesn’t have at the last moment and goes into a crisis because she doesn’t know where to find it.

The hair accessory.

Especially when it comes to brides who pay great attention to details and want everything to be perfect, it’s a common occurrence for them to realize they desire a particular accessory or jewelry that matches their look.

And they don’t know where to find it because the accessory and jewelry MUST go well with the wedding dress. (And the accessories the boutique tries to sell you are generally of poor quality and made of plastic.)

But how do you find high-quality accessories that enhance the chosen hairstyle and perfectly match the wedding dress?

It’s simple. By turning to me.

I am Elisabetta Sebastio, an Italian Jewelry Designer specializing in Custom-Made Bridal Accessories.

All my accessories are handmade using precious materials (925 silver or 12k gold-plated wire, mother-of-pearl, freshwater pearls, genuine Swarovski crystals…), and they are genuine pieces of jewelry… Customizable!

What I propose is to gift the bride the item every bride desires, with the certainty that she will love it… why?

It will be designed, sketched, and created specifically for her, and she will choose all the details she desires!

It will be a jewel she will cherish for a lifetime!

How does it work?

What gift to give the bride if you are the maid of honor or a close friend

It all starts with the Gift Card.

To gift the bride, you can choose to give her a Gift Card of a value of your choice or an Open Gift Card (letting me know if there’s a specific limit).

You will receive a presentation to hand over to the bride as a gift, which includes:

  • an explanation of how the process works
  • what I can create for her
  • the personalized Gift Card
  • my contact details

At this point, she’ll have me entirely at her disposal.

She can communicate with me in her preferred way (most brides choose to talk to me via WhatsApp for the ease of exchanging photos and voice messages at their convenience).

I’ll provide her with a consultation where she can share her desires and preferences.

She can send me photos of her dress, chosen hairstyle, and explain her style, talk about the possible color and theme of the wedding…

Together, we can choose the colors, shapes, and materials she likes the most.

I’ll recommend the most suitable model to enhance her hairstyle, studying and designing it specifically for her to fully meet her needs…

I’ll create a life-sized 3D prototype of her accessory, modifying it based on her preferences until we achieve the jewelry of her dreams, and then proceed to the creation after her confirmation.

During the creation process, she’ll receive various photos to preview the work and ensure it’s exactly as she desires.

I’ll package the jewelry in a beautiful presentation box and it can be delivered on her preferred day or I can ship it directly to her home, so you can present the gift and open it together!

(All packages are sent via express courier with tracked shipping, allowing you to track the shipment from my studio to its destination).

We can also create together a pair of earrings, a bracelet, a necklace, a ring, a set, or any type of jewelry she desires… all perfectly coordinated!

To get started on the path to creating the perfect jewelry and accessories for the bride, all it takes is a message.

Contact me to inquire about our Gift Cards, the gateway to a world of elegance and personalization for the bride.

Let’s make her special day even more extraordinary – together.

Contact me on WhatsApp at +39 329 39 622 54 (click on the WhatsApp icon if you’re on a mobile device)

or send an email to elisabetta.sebastio@gmail.com.

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