AUDRINE – Bridal headband with mother-of-pearl flowers and Swarovski elements


Bridal headband with mother-of-pearl flowers and Swarovski crystals

This delicate bridal headband is full of beautiful mother-of-pearl flowers of many sizes and shapes, which remind us of the explosion of spring blooms;

it is also enriched by very bright Swarovski crystals, which shine as if they were dew on the petals of flowers.

Audrine has been designed for a refined and extremely romantic bride, who wants to embellish her hairstyle on her special day.

A truly unique bridal headband with Swarovski and mother of pearl flowers that can also be used as a beautiful necklace!

  • Handmade in Italy with 925 silver wire
  • White freshwater pearls
  • Swarovski crystals in the “Crystal” color
  • White mother-of-pearl flowers
  • Glass crystals in silver color
  • Branches of silver-colored brass leaves
  • Silver-colored brass flowers

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