CÈLINE – Elegant bridal headpiece with delicate flowers Swarovski elements freshwater pearls and 925 silver wire


Céline is an elegant bridal headpiece, created for a romantic bride.

It’s characterized by delicate flowers in varying stages of bloom and Swarovski light points.

It has lots of pretty details that draws your attention to this stunning design.

Handcrafted with a dedication of time and love, its elements were harmoniously transformed into this striking and enchanting headpiece.

This beautiful hair vine can be worn with any hairstyle of your choice and will complement your gown beautifully.


  • Handmade in Italy with 925 silver wire
  • Swarovski crystals in Crystal color
  • White freshwater pearls
  • Glass crystals in silver, white, crystal colors
  • Rhinestone chains
  • White frosted flowers of various size
  • Silver leaves
Dimensions24 × 9 × 1 cm
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