This bridal haircomb marries contemporary lines with a nod to antiquity.

With a gorgeous design, featuring a romantic assortment of golden leaves and floral details, bold with a touch of bohemian luxury, Dorothée takes bridal opulence to a whole new level of elegance, balances inherently wild characteristics in a clean and vintage silhouette.

Dorothèe bring you a charming and adorable look for your special day.

Its stunning design with heirloom’s qualities can be passed on in years to come.

It has a timeless beauty.

  • Handmade with 12K gold plated wire
  • Swarovski crystals in Gold Shadow color
  • Gold small flowers
  • Gold brass branches of leaves
  • Gold brass flower
  • White freshwater pearls
  • Gold glass crystals
Dimensions12 × 8 cm
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