ELIZABETH – Bridal hair vines with blue chalcedony flowers and Swarovski Crystals


Elizabeth is an extremely delicate and enchanting headpiece with natural elements offering a beautifully timeless and sophisticated appeal.

The way it winds and curves around the contours of a romantic hairstyle, and its exquisite botanic details add bohemian appeal and quiet wonderment.

She’s for the bride who’s in a search of her own personal expression and something a little different and unexpected.

Respect the tradition in its shades of blue, surprising with its sinuous lines and its bright crystals.

This headpiece doesn’t fail to impress and perfectly complements a wide range of exquisitely detailed or minimalist wedding gowns.


  • Handmade in Italy with 925 silver wire
  • Swarovski crystals in Crystal and Blue Shade colors
  • White freshwater pearls
  • Blue Chalcedony flowers
  • Silver flowers
  • White glass crystals
Dimensions37 × 12 cm
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